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Introducing Solum, a WordPress Starter Theme

As I mentioned a week ago in my New Year post, I’ve been working on a new WordPress starter theme. I know there are plenty of starter themes available already, so I want to spell out my goals for this starter theme clearly.

  1. Do things the WordPress way.
  2. Include only the most necessary components (I know this is vague. Think: no amazing features, almost no styles, etc).
  3. Pass the Theme-Check plugin tests.
  4. Be easily extensible.
  5. Serve as a tool for teaching the proper way to build WordPress themes.
  6. Include comprehensive documentation.

I don’t think I’ve achieved these goals yet, but I’m working on it (although it does pass the Theme-Check tests). If you’d like to check out what’s been done so far, or help Solum reach the goals listed above, check out the Solum Github page.

A Collection of Controls for the WordPress Theme Customizer

If you’ve worked with WordPress theme customizer before, you know that there are some great controls built into core. However, if you want to extend what the customizer can do, you’ll have to either write your own controls, or find controls that someone else has already written. To ease the process of finding quality customizer controls, I’ve created a Github repository to serve as a central location for such controls. If you have any controls you’d like to see created, or if you’ve created a control and would like to submit it, please head on over to the WordPress Theme Customizer Controls Github repository and get involved.