Introducing Solum, a WordPress Starter Theme

As I mentioned a week ago in my New Year post, I’ve been working on a new WordPress starter theme. I know there are plenty of starter themes available already, so I want to spell out my goals for this starter theme clearly.

  1. Do things the WordPress way.
  2. Include only the most necessary components (I know this is vague. Think: no amazing features, almost no styles, etc).
  3. Pass the Theme-Check plugin tests.
  4. Be easily extensible.
  5. Serve as a tool for teaching the proper way to build WordPress themes.
  6. Include comprehensive documentation.

I don’t think I’ve achieved these goals yet, but I’m working on it (although it does pass the Theme-Check tests). If you’d like to check out what’s been done so far, or help Solum reach the goals listed above, check out the Solum Github page.