A WordPress theme for developers (and only developers)

If you’re not a developer, this theme isn’t for you. It doesn’t contain a theme options page, it doesn’t include custom post types, or shortcodes, or sliders…

If you are a developer, Rampart is a minimally styled theme designed to help you build better sites in shorter amounts of time. This video explains how Rampart makes building websites quicker and easier (if you’d prefer to read about it rather than watch the video, just scroll down past the Pricing/Availability section).


The Rampart theme is not currently available for purchase. However, a small number of unlimited licenses are available for the alpha release. These licenses are $100 (which is 60% off the final purchase price) and include updates and support for the life of the theme. When the theme is released to the public, licenses will be sold on a yearly basis. If you are interested in purchasing an unlimited license and getting early access to the theme at the current alpha stage, or if you have any questions about the theme, please use the Contact page to send me a message. Thanks!

For those that didn’t watch the video at the top of the page, here are the features of the Rampart theme that were described in the video:

6 Layouts

Rampart includes 6 different layouts that can be selected via the Theme Customizer.

One column layout

Single column layout

Two column layouts

  • Content | Sidebar
  • Sidebar | Content

Two column layout

Three column layouts

  • Content | Sidebar | Sidebar
  • Sidebar | Sidebar | Content
  • Sidebar | Content | Sidebar

Three column layout


Each layout is fully responsive. Here’s what it looks like on a phone:

Responsive layout for phone

Here’s what the three column layout looks like on a tablet. You can see the two sidebar columns have been stacked vertically because of the smaller screen width:

Resplonsive layout for tablet

Widgetized header

There are widget areas above and below the main header area to allow for menus and search boxes to be placed anywhere you need theme. Here you can see a menu and search box before the header, and another menu after the header.

Header widget layout

Vertical Rhythm

All this is done while preserving the vertical rhythm of the page. In the following image, I used the Cadence Check plugin to check the vertical rhythm of the page:

Vertical rhythm check


Finally, every post and page can be fully widgetized. This feature was originally built as a plugin, and a full explanation is available here: https://themefoundation.com/introducing-widgetize/

Page Templates

There are two page templates available. The “No Sidebars” page template removes the sidebars from the page. The “Full Width” page template removes the sidebars and expands the content area to take up the space normally occupied by the sidebars. This is especially helpful when working with widgetized pages.