Rampart Pre-Alpha

I just want to say a quick “thank you” to those of you who decided to get on board at the pre-alpha stage of the Rampart theme. I’ve got a lot of things planned and I’m looking forward to getting your feedback. There’s just a few things I’d like to mention:

  • I’ve started putting together some theme documentation. It is still in draft format, but is may give you a little better idea of where the theme is at.
  • At this stage in the process, I have been focused almost completely on functionality rather than style. The theme passes the theme check plugin and supports almost all major WordPress functionality with the exception of custom header images.

Just one request…

I really want this theme to be helpful for developers. I want it to save you hours and hours of time. However, to accomplish that goal, I’ll need your feedback. What don’t you like about the theme? What do you wish it did? What could be improved? …and finally, what can I do to make you want to suggest it to all your friends?

And a plugin…

I’ve been using this plugin I built to check the vertical rhythm of the theme. It’s not a polished plugin by any means, but it displays a vertical background grid to help find any errors in vertical rhythm.

Download the Cadence Check plugin.

Get the theme

Just click the button below to purchase the unlimited license. If you have any questions, please use the contact form to shoot me an email.