Content Formats

The term “Content Formats” refers to the layout of the content in the main content column. Longview supports a few different content formats.

Standard Format

For example, the most basic content format would be a standard blog or page format. In this format, the content takes up the full width of the column. If there are multiple posts, they follow one another vertically. Here’s an example from a standard page.

Standard content formatGrid Format

When multiple posts are displayed on a single page (such as category and tag pages), there are other formats that are often used as well. Here is a set of posts displayed with the grid format:

Grid content formatThe grid format supports up to nine columns.

Portfolio Format

The portfolio format is similar to the grid format, but it displays the featured images without a post title or excerpt. This format was developed to work with the Portfolio Post Type plugin by Devin Price, but it can be used anywhere within the theme.

Portfolio content formatThe portfolio format also supports up to nine columns.